You wonderful people asked to see the whole video, here it is. This is a manual start of this engine. Now before I explain I need to tell you what’s happening with the aircraft and why I’m doing this.
Let’s Go 🤙

First let’s lay down the foundation of what’s needed to start an engine. Electrical power is needed, which is being provided by the APU (auxiliary power unit). Aircraft has to be configured in a proper way so a sequence of events can occur. Not only are we using electrical power from the APU but also pneumatic power. Bleed air is taken from the APU in order to start the engines via the pneumatic starter. Before Air gets to the starter it needs to pass through a starter valve. Mind you folks I am explain this in a very simple manner, there’s a lot more to it.

That brings us to the demonstration you’re witnessing. You see me walking up to the engine with a 3/8 inch ratchet and extension. This aircraft had a malfunctioning starter valve which was placed on MEL (minimum equipment list), this means I have to manually turn the valve to the open position in order for the air to be fed to the starter from the APU.

My colleague is standing at the front with a headset in constant communication with the pilots. They trigger a sequence of events in order to start the engine, and I am given hand signals to turn the valve to open position. The engine begins to spool up and reach the proper RPM. Once it has reached sufficient speed and fuel is added and ignition occurs, the engine begins to be self sufficient. You can hear it in the video with that deep rumbling sound.

At this point the starter needs to be cut out and the engine no longer needs bleed air, at which point my colleague will give me the signal to close the starter valve. Once this occurs I step away safely from the engine.

It’s quite an amazing experience to be standing next to something so powerful. Everything rumbles and shakes inside of me because of the noise vibrations.

I hope you have enjoyed this demonstration, if you have questions or comments feel free to put them down. I’ll do my best to explain in more detail.

As always have a fantastic day 🤗