MLOX – Awareness (Original Mix) // Almar

May the 12th meet a talented producer from Ireland, MLOX to deliver his release ‘Focus’ to Almar Label. Both tracks have powerful melodies with intense synths that were thought to bring a lot of energy to the dance floor, and breaks that hold all the energy so they can buildup for that release moment. Being a long time in love with the scene, I like to produce tracks that I believe would work well in the dance floor and that I would love to hear if I were in a party and these two tracks reflect a lot of that. I love tracks with uplifting melodies and breaks that add a lot to the track rather than being a mere pause to breath. Both tracks were worked entirely using my DAW, synths (mainly Serum and Diva) and a lot of work in the effects. I believe if we use well the effects we can have a cleaner track, with less channels and everything just blends better together.

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