Xross Hard Enduro Rally 2023 | Bolt’s Stunning Comeback | Day 2 Highlights

Welcome back to the Xross Hard Enduro Rally 2023! This is Part 2 of Off-Road Day 2, where we delve into the second half of the action that extreme terrains of Zlatibor, Serbia.

In this video, witness the extraordinary comeback of Billy Bolt, who, after overcoming a substantial time deficit and moving ahead of the pack in the first half, uses his experience to finish the day with a win.

Hear from Mani Lettenbichler about his overall lead and how his winter training paid off in these challenging conditions. Despite Bolt’s comeback, Lettenbichler retains a firm overall lead.

Get exclusive insights from Trystan Hart on his ongoing setup changes on the 2024 KTM 300 EXC. Plus, catch the fierce competition between Hart, Teo Kabakchiev, and Michael Walkner for the P4-P6 spots.

We’ll also cover the challenges faced by Wade Young, Graham Jarvis, and Ash Brightmore, which significantly impacted their positions in the race.

Xross Hard Enduro Rally Pro classification after Off-Road Day 2:
1st Manuel Letti — 7:05:55
2nd Mario Roman — 7:30:57
3rd Billy Bolt — 07:40:27
4rd Trystan Hart — 07:41:01
5th Teodor Kabakchiev — 07:42:53
6th Michael Walkner — 07:43:07
7th Graham Jarvis — 08:02:08
8th Alfredo Gomez — 08:13:56
9th David Cyprian — 08:19:51
10th William Hoare — 08:23:14

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