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Myth Helia – Beneath the Roots

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“Chapter 3: Enter the Woodlands In the upcoming chapter of our tale, we accompany the protagonists, Foxx and Weazel, on their journey into the enigmatic Whispering Woodlands. This primeval, dense forest is inhabited by trees that, over the ages, have gained consciousness, forged wills, and developed languages of their own. As the pair delves deeper, the woodland discloses its double nature; during the day, it exemplifies true beauty, abundant with life and vibrant greenery, while at night, they struggle through a foggy darkness filled with eerie whispers at every turn. Through moments of despair, the duo encounter an ancient wanderer in the shape of a bear—one of the Spellbruin—who aids them by leading them through hidden pathways among the tree trunks and beneath the roots.”

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