Patrick Evans & Zy Khan – Awakening

Always great to see new releases flying in like flocks of birds on their voyage to warmer climates! The latest musical offering arrives on our label “Perfecto Records”, courtesy of “Patrick Evans” and “Zy Khan”. No strangers to the label, it is always great to welcome back talented artists to the fold who have left their mark on the label. This time around they present us with the deep and spiritual “Awakening”, released on one of our beloved sub labels “Perfecto Black”. Harmonious melodies full of light, seep in like a breath of the most crisp mountainous air, among the darker, brooding undertones and a mild yet rhythmical percussion decorated with inverted samples which all form the firm basis of the track. Vocalized exhales are added within in good measure, further enhancing the aural imagery we have before us. The break in the middle of the tune brings to the surface a light sermon wrought with an evident spirituality and gury-like wisdom if you will. Perfectly matched with soft and intriguing, healing melodies, his most cherished wisdom is given to us freely and openly. The deep, haunting melodies that follow the break instill an essence of splendor, awe and amazement, allowing us a definite awakening from one’s internal slumber! Marvelous enlightening tune by these guys that certainly needs to be yours!

Patrick Evans & Zy Khan – Awakening, Released 2023-06-09, Perfecto Black

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