Jourdan Bordes – The Magic Island

The time has come for us to showcase some new and exciting talent on “Perfecto Records”. An artist that has certainly payed his dues over the years and has been a loyal fan for the longest time is graciously welcomed aboard the label for his debut release on our label. American DJ/Producer “Jourdan Bordes” proudly presents his newest creation: “The Magic Island”. A somewhat paradisial flavor emanates from its core while rhythmical percussion and solid grooves lay the firm foundation for this enticing track. Captivating melodies slowly emerge like a serene waterfall of sound from the cavernous depths of this one. The addition of effervescent synths like luminous insects and female vocal choir segments further enhance the picture of total grandeur we already begin to form in our minds. All these elements come together in total harmony, guiding us like an invisible force towards a destination we have not yet witnessed but can not deny lies at the very heart of our dreams! Magical, mystifying, enchanting! The magic island awaits!

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Jourdan Bordes – The Magic Island, Released 2023-05-26, Perfecto Records