What is a Rally1 Car? [WRC Car Explained]

The FIA and WRC (World Rally Championship) have put new regulations in place for the top-level WRC cars. It’s a major change from the 2016-2021 WRC car, but just as exciting thanks to the new hybrid- electric drivetrain and 500 horsepower they produce. We break down the anatomy of the Rally1 cars and explain what they’re all about. #wrc #wrc2022 #rally1 #wrc2023

00:00 Introduction 00:12 WRC Car History 01:04 Rally1 Car Technical Specs 02:09 Regulations & Aerodynamics 03:50 Rally1 Safety 04:38 Other Changes 05:28 Manufacturers (Toyota, Hyundai, Ford) 06:08 Adoption of Hybrid Cars 06:48 WRC Challenges & Controversies 07:23 2021 WRC Car 07:53 WRC Hybrid Marketing & Selling Point 08:14 What’s Next 08:46 Outro