Sound Quelle & Lauren L’aimant – Colours (Nights In Bloom Remix)

Released in February 2023, Sound Quelle’s ‘Tarazed’ was a masterful triumph of progressive house music from one of its most prolific and consistent acts. Now, after already being graced by remixes from Braxton, Boxer and Falden, we welcome the full ‘Tarazed’ Remix EP. Under his new Nights In Bloom alias Matt Fax puts his spin on ‘Colours’ with Lauren L’aimant, exploring unique sound design and organic textures through stuttering synths and pristine groove. L.GU. delivers a magnificent remix of ‘Nobody Knows’ with Dolly Rae to round out the EP; his driving, dark sound marries up perfectly with the original, as he showcases his stellar synthwork and exquisite production chops in spades. Join us on Discord:

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