Derek Ryan – Thrive (Jaytech Remix)

Worldwide Release: June 30th, 2023

Ascent Recording’s Derek Ryan presents “Thrive,” a high energy uplifter that takes you on a positive, feel good journey filled with punchy, metallic midbasses, friendly acid sprites with just a touch of funk in the air. Travel across both the earth and sky with dual melodies of trance pluck and counters to a destination that only the night can take you.


Progressive powerhouse, Jaytech makes his debut on Ascent with a punchy progressive remix that morphs all of the original elements into a new spectrum with a slice of lime and just a twist of house. Enjoyed up or on the rocks, this master melange of snappy procession, stompy basslines and effervescent pianos is an elixir that is sure to keep you going all night.

Celebrating Pride month, all proceed from both mixes will go to Nijiiro Diversity to advance LGBT rights and awareness in Japan and beyond.