Guy J – State of Trance & Anonymous

Internationally known DJ-producer Guy J has made it his mission to uplift his musical game with every one of his releases. J is an exceptional artist, aiming for excellence, and his latest Lost & Found release is a thoughtful perpetuation of his genuine artistic mission.

The two-track material includes State of Trance and Anonymous. Both tracks deliver a fresh take on musical hypnotism and arpeggio-based melodies but retain individual characters.

The opening track, State of Trance, floats on an elegant drum structure and uplifting vibes, while the closing piece, Anonymous, delivers a darker flavor with a pinch of psychedelia. The production through the release is impeccable, taking the genre to uncharted waters and breaking new grounds with innovative audio engineering and arranging.

The release is proof of intellectual and spiritual enlightenment and makes the genre far more exciting.

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