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Chicola – Dreams For Breakfast

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The third track on the album, Love in a Bottle, is a seductive piece by the award-winning artist Guy Mantzur who takes the uncertain route while keeping the rhythm patterns dancefloor friendly. Eli Nissan reveals his skills through the Valley of The Winds, a timeless cross-genre piece with a film-score potential. Luka Sambe and Roy Rosenfeld join forces to create Bunggul, an ultimate dancefloor track, while Khen exposes his eloquence on the Golden Key. The Athens-based producer Yariv Etzion, better known under his stage name Stereo Underground, presents his magical trance-inducing sonic ride, The Last Dance, fusing elements of disco, electronica, and psychedelia. Illusion is another ballistic missile from the silo of Guy J’s secret weapons, finally becoming available for the masses. Before It Ends is Sahar Z’s song featuring Snarky GreenMan. It smoothly concludes a conceptually designed whole. Witness music history in the making!

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