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My Five Phases Tour has reached its end, and what an incredible journey it has been. Witnessing the sold-out shows and feeling the energy of each crowd across different countries and cities was truly humbling. Each stop, every crowd – a unique experience that united us through the Live show, encompassing the Five Phases of Life.
Your love and support fueled every performance, making this tour an unforgettable chapter. Together, we’ve created cherished memories that will resonate with me forever. For those who couldn’t join us on the tour, we bring it to life on screen, granting everyone the opportunity to experience the magic of the Five Phases Live show. Five phases is a reflection of life, a series of five releases and an Extended Music Live Set concept taking the audience through the five phases of life, from Birth to Death: The Awakening – Rebellious Learning – Forced Adaptation – Reflected Wisdom – The Conclusion. The Awakening
The first blink. The first breath. The Awakening phase describes entering into life. Seeing the light reflecting for the very first time. We feel the air touching our skin for the very first time. We are getting held in arms and discover the feeling of concealment for the very first time. Rebellious Learning
The Rebellious Learning phase is a continuous growing process in life. We learn, we fail, we fall, we stand up. We rebel against those who teach us. We fail to accept the world as it is and we strongly believe we never will. All of these experiences constantly shape our character and transform us into unique human beings. Forced Adaptation
Adaptation is a big episode of life, which takes over in a slow hidden transaction. Real life hustle and routines are hitting in and stealing our time to be rebellious. This is the phase of acceptance and comes with some negative experiences, as we are forced to bend. During this phase it is more important than ever to have a counter pole that balances negativity with positive encounters. Frequent breakouts are part of this phase, in which we ask ourselves; when did we stop dreaming? Reflected Wisdom
Life now brings us to the phase full of reflection and awareness. Every successful quest, failure and standing up has formed our highest state of existence. Through time, experience and reflection we reach wisdom. Things are getting slower, we are getting slower. We pass on what we have learned to those who are still rebellious. The Conclusion
The circle is completed. We see everything very clearly now as all of our phases come to a conclusion. As our whole life runs through our inner eye. The fifth and final phase works as a reverse mirror to the first. We are closing our eyes, seeing the light on earth reflecting for the very last time. We’re breathing the air for the very last time, we feel it touching your skin for the very last time. We‘re getting held in arms and discover the feeling of concealment for the very last time. It describes the dereliction of a human being from life. Although the body will leave the planet, the spirit won’t… Stay tuned for what’s next, as we embark on a new chapter together soon.. …

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