8Kays live at Kharkiv Philharmonic, Ukraine by TIME:CODE

It’s been a while since we shared new videos and experiences with all of you.
We wanted to share this video regardless of the current state of the world to remind everyone that art is the universal language that bridges all empty spaces and brings people together.
It’s hard to believe that the places our team visited during our stay are no longer in the state they’ve been.

These events have occurred in the past and, unfortunately, will continue to occur in the future. As a result, our collective mission is to prevent these events from happening and to better protect people, ideas, and legacies. We are honored to bring this small piece of the beautiful Kharkiv onto our platform in order to resurrect art, humanity, and history. The music you’ll be hearing is an original work of art by Iryna Shvydka aka 8KAYS. Iryna’s life, like many others, was drastically altered, but she persevered and continued to create music in order to make the world a better place. We are honored to be working with such a talented artist, and we believe that Iryna will achieve great things in the future.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our dear friends from Kharkiv’s Basanta Music company, who assisted us in creating this work of art.
Basanta Music is a well-known Ukrainian organization promoting artists and music events based in Kharkiv. Where music is one of the city’s values, and the ‘Kharkiv Philharmonic’ reflects it, where classical and electronic music are closely linked. Before the war, Basanta invested in the development of the music industry in Ukraine, made great events, supporting young artists, and became a strong partner of TIME:CODE in Ukraine. Now whole Basanta team is involved in volunteering to help their hometown and prevent a humanitarian crisis. In between the sirens and explosions, they still make music.