Robbie Fitzsimmons – We Are the Watchers (Official Music Video)

In a grey world
One might overlook
A sprout
Growing out from a black crack in the concrete But you affect the ways the green grows
For it knows
There’s a point in every sky
Where blue meets orange

Before the world was grey
The world was green
And covered in carpeting
The grass, vines and leaves
Overtook the terra firma near and far
Until the greedy Greys
Forgot all the ways that we are

We are the watchers
We are observers
And we’ll follow the sun
The sun’ll save us

Before the world was green
The world was blue
Rivers and waterfalls
Flowed into the oceans
The moon and earth
Pulled back and forth and soon
Every molecule
Made peace with the tides opportune

We are the watchers
We are absorbers
And we’ll feel the pull
Created when
Two bodies come together

Before the world was blue
The world was orange
Bombarded by asteroids
Volcanoes were forging in chaos
But the payoff’s where they stand
The scars it carved began
The grounding of land

Before the world was orange
It was black
Devoid of anything
In emptiness space is between
But out of absence and the lack
Came possibility
So that’s why we need them to see

We are the watchers
We are reminders
We’re planting the clues
(To get them to remember
Where they came from) Recorded at 4th Street Recording Studio in Santa Monica, California

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