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If you don’t remember your dream, you were busy in someone else’s dream.

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The setting and hour of a dream provides details about how you are currently feeling and interacting in life. Something occurring in daytime suggests ideas already in consciousness. A dream occurring in the night is exploring ideas not yet in consciousness.

Studies found that dream time seemed to be equivalent to real time. There may be exceptions, however. Researchers have found that bizarre dreams might appear to last longer than they really do, and lucid dreamers sometimes take longer to complete tasks in dreams versus real life.

In general, your brain prioritizes getting non-REM deep sleep over dreaming. “So, if you’re only giving yourself four to five hours of sleep, the brain will want to do more sleeping and do less dreaming.

Dreaming is believed to help foster problem-solving, memory consolidation, and emotional regulation. But it is a myth that remembering your dreams is a sign of sound sleep. We dream four to five times a night, but not everyone remembers their dreams because … they were busy in someone else’s dream.

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