Juicebox Radio 133 – Maze 28

Joining us for our 133rd episode of Juicebox Radio is Maze 28 from Durrës, Albania. Better known to his friends and family as Mario Zefi, Maze 28’s early exploration of electronic music started from a young age, delving into a wide array of musical styles, honing his skills and refining his sound. It wasn’t until he stumbled upon Progressive House and Melodic Techno that he discovered the perfect fusion of his musical sensibilities. Whilst running his own ‘Best Pro Records’, he’s also signed his music to ‘Mango Alley’, ‘Clubsonica’ & ‘SkyTop’ to name a few. Over time, Maze 28’s productions have grown to become a staple in many DJ sets by the world’s best tastemakers, earning him many fans across the globe. We’re excited to present him with his label debut, featuring “Abyss Rhythm” on our 2nd edition of ‘Fables’ compilation. Enjoy this beautifully crafted & exclusive 1 hour episode to celebrate it!

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