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Discipline is virtue in action.

Control has us stopping and discarding an activity we already do, perhaps in the middle of it. Discipline gets us to begin a new task and fulfill it. Discipline means adding routines to make us better. Control means taking charge of what we already do to stop doing it. Discipline creates habits, habits make routines, and routines become who we are. Discipline is the way we do what we need to do. Not only does the practice of discipline allow us to establish a positive action. It helps train our minds and body, lets us focus on our goals, and regulates our emotions.

Boundaries help us communicate and respond to others. Boundaries are actions we take to keep ourselves healthy. Control is to make others do what we want, which is repressive. Boundaries aim to create limits around what safety, relationships, and interactions look like to us.

Understanding, exploring, empowering, determination, and dedication are elements of discipline. They are the tools for achieving success. Some people harness them from habits they successfully tackled in the past by tapping back into them and using them to their advantage.

Discipline is a virtue that helps with taking action. It allows us to overcome mental limitations, obstacles, and challenges by relying on willpower and drive. We achieve discipline by practice. To enhance this virtue, follow these steps:

Proverbs 5:23

22 The evil deeds of the wicked ensnare them; the cords of their sins hold them fast. 23 For lack of discipline, they will die, led astray by their own great folly.

By being disciplined, we make sure that every time that passes is worth spending, and we leave no regret there. As Allah (S.W.T) said in the Holy Quran, those who waste their time are living their life in vain. Practice discipline and you spend your time under His blessing.

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