Enertia-Sound – Cognate

It is with great joy that we welcome yet another talented act through the Perfecto Records threshold! DJ Twisty and Andron One are two Birmingham residents who have joined forces as Enertia-Sound and thus have taken the dance music world by storm. Their latest creation has been dubbed Cognate and it finds a home on one of our beloved sub label’s Perfecto Black. Sleek percussion, intriguing melodies, a subtle bassline and stutter like vox are just the tip of the iceberg here. Delicate chimes, female vocal exhales and male vocal chants introduce an essence of melancholy within it all. The atmosphere gradually unfolds while two sets of surprise vocals (male and female) mark their appearance adding an extra flair and clairvoyance to the tune itself. The aural mission is complete with the arrival of the appropriate grooves to tie all the elements together in utter harmony. The right kind of flavor to take in during your long hot summer nights!

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