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EMBRZ – Sunrise Set in Austin, TX

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“We all show love in our own way, whether it be through words, acts of kindness or simple gestures. Mine is through music, and this album has been my way of both exploring and expressing it. I’ve always found it difficult to talk about how I feel, especially when it comes to love. At its core, that’s what ‘In Our Own Way’ is all about: love and connection.” – EMBRZ

EMBRZ – It’s raining outside x Jaded
EMBRZ – Together Till IT Ends x Sound 4 U feat. Amy Rose
EMBRZ – IOU feat. Lizzy Land
Lane 8 – Red Lights (EMBRZ Remix)
Hessian – White Lie
EMBRZ – Where You Are x VisionV – Blossom
EMBRZ – Hypnotise
EMBRZ – Shimmer
EMBRZ – Wildflower x Hide & Seek
EMBRZ – Movin with U x All The Lights feat. Bailey
EMBRZ – Over & Over
EMBRZ – Where You Are ft. Lizzy Land
EMBRZ – Letting Go
EMBRZ – Echoes x Brightest Lights x Higher Than Nirvana
EMBRZ – left ya a voicenote…

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